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What is idlozi

Thokozani makhehla.

Today I just want to touch on the basis of what idlozi is. Many people dont recognise this and go to healera seeking medicines for luck whilst all the source of their problems is amadloti.

What is idlozi
There is a diference between idloti and ithongo. I thongo is derived from the word ubuthongo reffering to those who are asleep (abalele) or abomkhulu.

Idloti comes from isidlozane which is a form of ubungoma used by izangoma and izanusi.

In the olden days there were two ways that idloti showed itself to a person (ukungenwa idloti)

The 1st one is that you were born with these spirits. This happened in many ways including the families history and grand parents knew even from consultaions and dreams that within the family there will be umngoma and his gift eould have been enherited from the ancestors as this child will be botn as a gift from lemadloti asekhaya. The child would grow in the womb and the parents will know the type of sangoma that the child will be as this would be revealed through dreams during the pregnancy.

The 2nd one relates to a child who inherited amadloti without the knowlede of the family and it shows in various stages of the childs growth. In some christian families this happens as the familu does not adhere to traditional ways and this causes anger and bad luck to the family until the ancestors select one person to bring back their old ways of healing and rectify all the famalies mistakes thus helps to ease the strain caused by amadloti of the family.

This can also happen during the traditional weddings as the bride is taken to yhe grooms homestead and is introduced to the famalies ancestors and their child and then she inherits the famalies ancestors and can result in amadloti omuzi giving her the gift of healing.

What are some of the signs:
Here I wont discuss much as respect to the work we do but will highlight a few common signs.

General bad luck
Strange dreams

What is ukuthwasa?
Ukuthwasa is a period where you a trained in many ways resulting in the birth of a person as a sangoma. E can consider ukuthwasa as a child in the womb learning and receiving nutriion so that it grows and gets ready to be born into the world as a Sangoma.
During this time theres alot of communication between emadloti ethwasa and uGobela as the ancestor advises the trainer on what they want done.
You get cleansed and use imithi which aid you to be a better healer and also receive informaition on how amadloti work and then how you can communicate with your ancestors.
As a thwasa you also get alot revealed to you wih regards to family and the enemies you might not be aware of. This is shown by amadloti akho to warn you of potential danger.
As an initiate your also taught hoe to devine and to "sense"  (ukunuka) a person as soon as they enter to what they are there for as well as sensing a person coming with imithi emibi.

Theres a lot more that gets taught during this period and once that training is done, the sangoma is ready to go back home and work with amadloti.

This is just the side yobungoma amd in the next article we will touch on the prophecy.

Thokoza, Makhosi, Ndau

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  1. If you are born with it why go to omunye umuntu kuthi akufundise ngalo 2nd is it wonke umuntu ozalwe namaspirit kumele a size abantu or go thro this period?

  2. If you have bad lucks, you don't find jobs and just everything is upside down and you decide to go n.check to traditional healers all of them they tell you the same story that you have Umndiki noMndawe what's the next step you should take?

  3. kuyangethusa engisanda kukufunda, I suffer from fatigue and some strange dreams, recently I have experienced headaches, what does this mean? as I have also escape car accidents.


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